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The Contest Ends August 25th 2019

1. Choose Your Beat(s) from The Beat Player. Click Here

2. Record Your Song and Make Any Type Of Music Video That You Want For It.

3. Upload Your Video To YouTube (channel of your choice)

4. Submit Your Video/YouTube link On The Submission Page Here
(Submissions take up to 24 hours to go Live)

5. Use the link sent to your email to promote your Entry and start getting shares on your entry to get the 50 needed to qualify to win.

If you are looking for professional mastering for your song we recommend Sage Audio as they have mastered all of our songs for the past 6 years. From “I Guess I’ll Smoke” to “Smoke My Pain”.

(If you need to see examples click here to see past winners)

The Winner

$3,000.00 CASH MONEY!!

Your Video Will be Uploaded to The Only Dreamers YouTube Channel Currently at over 81,000 Subscribers.

Winning Entry Will Be Also Be Uploaded to Facebook by AKT Aktion and the Young Verse page totaling over 2 million Facebook followers.

The Runner Up

$200.00 CASH MONEY!

2nd Place will Be Also Be Uploaded to Facebook by AKT Aktion.

Will be considered for possible upload to Only Dreamers YouTube Channel as well.

3rd Place

$100.00 CASH MONEY!

3rd Place will Be Also Be Uploaded to Facebook by AKT Aktion.

Will be considered for possible upload to the Only Dreamers YouTube.


How Is The Winner Chosen?

We will be using Facebook Shares on your entry as votes. You will need to have at least 50 Votes/Shares to qualify for the winning circle.
From there a panel including AKT Aktion will decide the top entries.

How Many Entries Can I Make?

You can enter multiple times on different beats if you choose. Just remember you will need to get your entries 50 Facebook shares on your entry on to qualify to win.

Can I Alter the Beat?

Yes.. You may make chops, cuts, slow it down, speed it up what ever you want.

Can I Use the Beat How Ever I Want?

Yes.. You can put it on albums, mix-tapes, videos or what ever you want. Even if you don’t enter you can use the beat how ever you want to. The only thing that you can not do is claim the audio rights on YouTube so that way everyone can still collect on their entries from their YouTube upload.

When Does The Contest End?

Submissions End on August 25th 2019.

Eat My Beats Has Begun – Get Your Beats Now

The Contest Ends August 25th 2019

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Awake by: Roundstreet

Hooter Rollin Hoosier by: Jon Allen

Dope by: Scarz Real HipHop

Tough Love by: Cris Sap

Kid Verse Real Fake Prod AKTAktion by: Kid Verse

Eat My Beats Contest Entry by: ReTrac

Losing by: Indra

All In by: Elysian 716

Ride Your Wind by: Ray Strive

Nuthin Like Dis by: Da Alltiment

Lavish by: AnthonyArlene

Growing Pains by: H WoOdValleY feat RoCk

Cant Get Enough by: Skizem

Go Time by: Kevin Mason x King Delane x DEF davyne

My Lil Babies by: Seuss Mace

Kid Again by: Young Seda

Pain and Pressure by: JKubical

PROX Badge Worth prod by AKTION (Eat My Beats Contest) by: PROX


Pulls the Strings by: Tyma Rhyma

NRG by: Dobey Dobe

Never Decline by: Parish


2 Cups Prod AKT Aktion by: Gam3Boy x SlingShott

Androo Joseff SMS Eat My Beats Rap Contest Prod AKT Aktion by: Androo Joseff

Cost of Ambition by: Reality!

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