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RExEDITEDxReLOADED by: MarathonMan

Radio by: Young Assassin

Rap artist shatters competition with 1st entry by: Da Gh0ul

Money on The Line by: Rekka

Akil nobody else remix by: Akil

One Take Contest V3 by: Jaehross

The Kid And His Mind pt3 The Beginning by: Evan Upton

The Kid And His Mind pt2 Click Clack Bang by: Evan Upton

One Take Amen by: Sk tha Wave

New Take by: Drenaline

Better late then never by: Perezident

OneTakeContest by: Pharaoh

ONE TAKE by: Moticulous

Beat Killer by: O6scurity

Nobody else one take by: Naf

Protean Void by: Samuel Strife

asdfghjkl by: asdf

DOUBLE ENTENDRE by: Suave The Performer

Poor Me by: Zar-Ka$m

I aint Futuristic by: Dr. Perry

Dubious by: Smurfy

Poor Me by: Zar-Ka$m

By Yourself ( Nobody else One take) by: Tstylin

1st Place by: Marco

Ten Shots (Official Music Video) by: Styli

Too Young by: Hot Creamer

Freestyle by: MikeTylerG

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