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i aint futuristic by: Dr.Perry

One take contest by: Doogie C

After Work by: Ryder White

MySelf by: S. Y S YunG

OneTake Contest Entry by: Jaynimical

On That AZ by: MBStyles

Put them hands Up one take by: BSH (Ben Smiffy Hamilton)

Metallica meets Marshall Mathers by: Mouse ThaKid

Zona Boys Futuristic One Take Contest by: Zona Boys

Ready To Flow by: EmSee Suburbian

OneTakeContest Andsot Original Lyrics (Explicit) by: Andsot

Who Is Safe by: Nat 20

BLee One Take by: B.Lee The Sav

ONeTake contest Az on fire by: Moses Tessema


New good rap From KINGT by: K.I.N.G.T

chains free by: Noah Da Boa

Money Rose life by: Valon

Drugs lowiders and hotties by: D.L.H.

OneTakeTito by: Tito

One time 4 da 1take by: Lando4k

OneTake Freestyle by: Xero the Prince

Speed Bump(Speed It Up) by: SELF

No Contest by: itstydog

Rapper by: White

On That One Take Contest V3 by: Rich Earvin

One Take Freestyle by: Stephen Neville

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