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Wave by: Durand & MC Norad

Hungriest Submission by: Intrinsic

Unstoppable by: JusBadd

Watch This by: MCKG

Good Vibes by: ILL ZakieL

Clucka J (LORD JAMAR DISS) by: The ILLu$trata

Godly by: 2Delinquent

Und3rcov3r Boss Produced by AKT Aktion by: Unguyd3d

Problems by: Durand

Like it or Not by: Cole Z

Inside My Soul by: StunnyG

1TAKE by: Nick Nubz


All Types by: The ILLu$trata

The Renovator by: D@kk $4vv¥

JOS Eat My Beats Contest 2019 by: JOS

Rise by: bishop

Slaughter Lobby (Wild West) by: therapperSelf

Uninformed SOS by: BlackJackJonny

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