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Diabeat My One Take Contest by: Diabeat

OGDL One take contest by: OGDL

Leviathan (One Take Contest) by: R|P

Nobody Else One Take by: Ngeniuss

Emerge by: Kanucd

Nobody Else by Light by: Light

One Take Freestyle Entry 2018 by: Stevie Franks

2nd One Take Entry by: CRAMERIZER

xXxSuicidexXx Xanax Bars OneTake Entry by: xXxSuicidexXx

The Virus Taking Out The Trash by: The Virus

Skateboarder Can Rap by: JGriff

KyE Nathaniel (Cole Bennett) by: KyE Nathaniel

Journey by: Ant Tha Giant

One Take by: Concept Black

Black Zach Nobody Ls by: Black Zach

One Take (181 Syllables in 18 Seconds) by: Blake

103 Rhymes in 24 Bars by: Genius

ROSEANNE BARS by: Maverick Matt Saxon

One Take Contest 2k18 by: Sha Tillman


One Take Contest 2018 by: JayTheKiD

Slopes Point of View One Take Submission by EScott by: E$cott

Freestyle by: I’m So Uche

One Take by: Toné LaDon

So long ago by: Jesse

OneTake 2018 Contest Submission by: Wake

Get Out Of My Face by: Mr. Fuentes

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