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Back 2 Back by: Durand

Shafee by: Shafee

Disorderly Conduct ONE TAKE CONTEST V3 by: AltioAraza

Off the top by: Hd57 The Ninjah & Jalifa

Earth Is Flat by: Xavier

Put Your Hands Up by: Diabetic God


OneTake Contest by: Pyrrhic

D2unez Onyx by: D2unez (Pronounced dee tunes)

Word To The Ghetto (OneTakeChallengeAccepted) (The Official Video) w lyrics by: Truth

Sayku One Take by: Sayku

One Take by: Noxek

One Take Contest Vol 3 by: MAZ

One Take Contest by: Nameless the Narrator

OneTakeRapContest No One Is Safe by: Saenz

Keifa and Serra by: Jetic

On That by: Alex The Rippa.

Untouchable by: Jvstyce

Break It Down by: Hobag The Mad Rapper

LHSKA: Futuristic One Take Contest by: LHSKA

Onetake Rapcontest by: B.i.g.T,

Molotov Cocktail by: SerKon

Step Up by: Para

Man on a Mission by: Ethan LaRene

break it down by: R.E.A.L.


One Take Contest Entry V3 by: WIZZ

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