The Eat My Beats Rap Contest and it’s staff will not share any of your personal or payment information with anyone or any corporation. Your personal information will only be seen by the Eat My Beats Contest Staff. Your contact information will also not be shared with any person or entity either.

Once you submit your entry for the Eat My Beats Contest you are giving us permission to post, share, or upload your video submission to any social account, YouTube or website of our choosing and no funds shall be paid if any earnings are made due to the upload. You also give us the right to use that content in any we would choose as well for non profit means.

You can also use your entry in any way you choose as well. If you would like to put it on an album, mix-tape, music etc. that is fine. We give you total rights free privileges of the content you create for this contest along with the beat used for it. The only thing you can not do with your entry is claim the rights to the audio on YouTube so that way everyone can collect from their entry on YouTube as well.

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