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Nroc Leoj

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Mexican-American Joel Corn Nroc Leoj is a Bilingual Rapper/ Producer/ Singer/ Songwriter from Goodyear, Arizona, A Town just 25 miles away from Phoenix, Arizona. Nroc Leoj was born Joel Corn on October 15th, 1996 in Lakewood, California to Mexican Parents Cruz Aida and Manuel Antonio Corn. He was interested in rap at a young age because his two older brothers Osbaldo Corn and Alfredo Corn who are all 6 years apart in age listened to a lot of west coast Hip-Hop and Spanish Music, free style rapping at the age of 9. It wasn't until being a Sophomore at Verrado High School in Buckeye, Arizona when he got a Love for Music. Joel started his Music career when he was 17 when he dropped his Debut Self Produced, Self Mixed Mix tape Corn on the Cob (2013) under the rap name Lobez. Lobez then released Chicano Flavor 3 months later. By 2016 Joel then spelled his Artist name backwards Nroc Leoj. Nroc Leoj released his Debut album Nineteen Ninety R.I.C.H. (2016) Then Nroc released 3 straight music projects in 3 months in 2017. Evol, Evil (Live, Love) LP, Masster Mind, and Action!!!. Nroc has also released various Live Albums and EPs. En Vivo Desde 1190 A.M., En Vivo Desde La Reyna Radio, Live at the Arizona State Fair 2017, 2 Live at Club 602 EPs, En vivo Desde La Princesa Banquet Hall and Live at the Comerica Theatre and Live from E. Lowell Rogers Amphitheatre. Nroc Dropped El Precio Que Pagas. Nroc plans on releasing another music project for summer 2018 called Show Bizzness.

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