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Broken Silence



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keith aka N.S.B is a hip hop MC from the midwest. He began to freestyle at the age of 11 gaining some respect of local MCs on the lower south side of his chicago neighborhood. By the age of 13 he began writing and taking music more serious it was this time he met a record company by the name of black studios. He invested $1,500 into the label only for the label to fall apart losing its reputation do to financial errors by CEO Ryan black. Keith kept pushing in his career in music and eventually landed some local gigs at clubs in 2008 in portland oregon after moving there just 6 months earlier. Since then he has not stopped growing and becoming a better artist in 2009 he spent the next 6 years plotting how he was going to burst back into the music scene. Which in 2015 he did exactly that. He dropped his album 'Broken Lynxx' in Nov. 2015 selling over 3000 copies by himself along with booking 10 shows that year. Little over a year later he continued to do shows even landing an opening slot for artist Dee-1. He then released his second album 'Broken But Not In Pieces' which has continued to grow in sales with the singles 'Again and Again' and 'Pain Won't Last' leading to over 15 shows in 2016. 2017 was a growing year for N.S.B booking his own shows (22 total)and trying to expand as a producer as well. Which landed him an opening slot for Strange music’s own Stevie Stone. He was also featured on Bibsters Doomrap tour hitting 3 different cities across Oregon. He was also selected to perform at the Peoples Pick Music Showcase Festival in Eugene Oregon this past June. Now 2018 he is currently working on his newest album 'Urgent Care' which has some great features. Including artists from the group L.A.B. , Kontages, Chris Mathews and more. This summer N.S.B plans to break the barriers in hip hop and become something great. Given the chance he will amaze you.

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