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Drugs lowiders and hotties



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Hello futuristic, ok so i am 14 years old and my full name is david lee helsinger. At first sight it may look like im doing ok in life but im not. Im not trynna be one of those people that try to trll a sad story im jus telling the truth. Im sorry i couldnt record a video of me thats not all my fault, im sorry i couldnt get one of you beats i just cant afford it. Me and my dad were doing alright and then we had to move out. So now we have to live in a house a friend is helping with and we only pay electric, water, and rent. Whicchh we can barely afford, social securaty and food stamps. So i seen this and i have alot of faith in my rap and ik i can get better because i have more than 140 ideas on my phone. I practice alot. I prey that you choose me bc this would change me and my dads life, he supports it. Thank you futuristic if you seen this

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