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Money Rose life



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Hi my name is Valon and I’m a hip hop artist coming out of Delaware. I have been rapping since i was a baby. My mom always told me that I would be her star. One day i decided to actually Persue it coming from a small state that barely gets recognized and gets lost between all the tri state areas it makes it hard to stand out and get noticed. My biggest influences are my mom my brothers and my Aunty without them i would not be who I am today. My favorite rappers of all time are TI, jadakiss, Biggie, and Eminem because they gave a whole new out look on rap. Instead of just rhyming words together give the world a story. Literally to this day I’m still writing stories for the people to fall in love with and relate to. I love hip hop because of the storie and honestly that’s what makes Valon Caissiere story telling. So don’t judge this cover really read the words because it’s bound to change your outlook on things , definitely

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