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Video Name:

A Father Scorned


Killa Cali Hustle aka The Ghetto Nerd

Artist Bio:

Cali is a rebel with a cause worth of applause. Using his music to express himself as well as enlighten those who are willing to listen. Killa Cali, was born in CA and lived in Lakewood for his short period in the Golden State. That’s where a lot of his influence stems from, but he is inspired by all forms of music. Some big names include Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Tupac, Immortal Technique, Hopsin, and other juggalo/underground artists. He feels that real hip hop comes from the heart and the life you’ve experienced. RAP= Retards Attempting Poetry. He speaks on the government, the state that hip hop is in right now, and other real life stories. While he only has one official release of his Random Thoughts EP 4/20/15 he has been hard at work and finally released The Ghetto Nerd on 4/20/18 on top of that he has far more unrecorded and unheard material that is dying to be released. So stay tuned and good luck on your fight. We’re all in this together. The revolution will not be televised it will erupt from the underground.

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