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If The Shoe Fits



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Cameron Bakhshizad, also known by his stage name CopyRyte, was born and raised in a little town in South Georgia called Brunswick. Music has always been a passion of his since he was 7. Listening to artists such as Nas, Mobb Deep, Eminem, and other northern style artists, his choice of hip hop leaned toward the lyrical side of it. Growing up listening to lyricist, CopyRyte was always writing lyrics to industry beats and joining cyphers around his peers until he recorded his first song in 2013. Hearing himself on a track inspired him to proceed with more recordings. Within a month, he releases his first mixtape called 'Area 51'. It wasn't the best of quality, but it was more than he thought it would be. With the start of his music career, he then engaged in other features with artists and local shows. As he continued to grow and learn the business aspects of the music industry, he then leaned toward another project. November 14th, 2014 he dropped a very anticipated project called 'Reverse Psychology'. This particular project was not only providing better quality, but a lot more lyrical than 'Area 51'. It was released on Coast2Coast Mixtapes by DJ Stitche. Reverse Psychology molded CopyRyte into the artist he wanted to be. He became known for his whitty punchlines and energetic performances. Between 2015-2016, he traveled to different states in search of venues and events to show his talent off. From multiple radio interviews to major blog placements he was determined to became an inspiring Hip-Hop artist. In 2016, he wanted to approach his fans differently and gain more. He released his first hit single 'Stuck In My Ways' produced by Superstar O. It had became a fan favorite. He persued by getting it distributed through ThatRabbit/The Orchard on all major digital distribution platforms. Since then, he has performed that song at multiple events to put him in place of better opportunities. He performed at HipHop Retreat Week in Manhattan, NY August of 2017 to recently being booked all week long during A3C Festival 2017 in Atlanta, GA. CopyRyte will be in the January 2018 issue of XXL. He plans on pushing his single until he decides to release his very first album 'A Little White Lie'. From being a local artist of Brunswick, GA to traveling hip hop artist nationally, one thing is certain. CopyRyte is dedicated and devoted to his craft

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