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Bars Galore



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Krujay is an established Recording Artist and Entertainer currently residing out of Maryland. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba; but grew up in the United States, spending most of his years in his hometown Philadelphia, PA. For over ten years now, Krujay has built quite the reputation for his music career. After introducing himself to the scene with a few single releases and shows, Krujay released his first official mixtape titled “PrepAIRED” back in 2012. ( After the release of his debut mixtape, Krujay built quite the buzz in his hometown of Philadelphia. His energetic performances and his optimistic attitude towards his approach in the music industry, were just a couple of reasons why his fan base was growing rapidly. His work was being heavily promoted through numerous music blogs and radio stations. He has continued to work on his craft, and has released several music videos, and official singles in stores. Besides music, you can also find several videos of Krujay online showing his comedic and humorous side. After the introduction of an app called Vine was released, Krujay jumped on to start creating some silly and witty videos which skyrocketed his career as an entertainer. He quickly found his videos were being shared all over the internet, and his fan base from that alone grew incredibly. His videos were picked up by huge sites such as Ellen Degeneres, Funny Or Die, Fox, Buzzfeed and numerous others. Till this day, you can find Krujay continuing to create these entertaining videos and releasing new music. He currently is working on his debut album set to release in 2018, called “Against The Grain.” To find out more about Krujay, check out the links in the description below.

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