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Get Wrecked


Stephon René

Artist Bio:

CEO of Reigning Records, promoter for Minneapolis Minnesota, Social Media and PR marketing manager, as well as an activist. Stephon René is an established rapper, singer, dancer, and choreographer. Best known for his motto 'OK OK!' as well as the chant, 'OK OK Stephon René.' What many people don't know is that 'OK OK' became his way of stating 'I am alive and I am OK.' The word 'OK' is used as a status for being alright, affirmation, as well as confirmation of understanding. Stephon's motto utilizes each of these variants. They're a reflection of what he wished to obtain when he first started his career. Since achieving such a goal, this motto acts as a constant reminder of what he wishes to spread and share with others. The strength to be OK regardless if your life is. The affirmation that your existence matters. That Stephon, like others out there, do understand where you're coming from. 'Fight for what you believe in like you're fighting for that much needed breath of air. Every denial you face, be it from yourself or from others, is like a kick in the gut knocking the breath out of you. If you want to breathe, than LIVE! Live your life the way that makes you feel the most alive!... Just don't harm others in the process'. Stephon isn't afraid to dive into subjects that many artists tend to avoid. His music portrays a raw and artistic form of his experiences and or emotions. This allows his listeners to visualize each concept with a more vibrant and vivid picture.

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