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One Take


Be Kay

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What's up guys! I'm Be Kay and artist from Norwalk, CT Thanks for the opportunity, if you like my entry smash that share button! Check out more of my music at WWW.ITSBEKAY.COM Lyrics They said if I wanna stand out I should be outstanding But from what I see I'm better being outlandish Either way I'm tryna leave out damage so my son raised strong like we out tannin I got a futuristic vision you can see I planned it I flipped the flow and beat on the feats I landed I caught the whole thing in one shot like the cannon Said my bars too intents I might be campin Every line got a subject and a predicate, like the only rapper livin out his sentences, Every bar I'm pressing it like I'm benching it, cause theres no way Im leavein yall impressionless An optimistic pessimist that's a perfectionist So all my blessings once were stresses I corrected it Alotta lines over heads you ain't catching it hard to process my words unless you excel ent Get it Microsoft alot of yall are Microsoft they try to bite the flow and choke and go home just to write it off As a loss After all it's soundin like their mic is off They level ones why they moving up to try to fight the boss Ha tryna Fight the boss I've been working twice as long Feeling like I'm titan strong Had to drop some bars like failed calls I've been writing songs to the beat of my heart on my phone like my like is on Skyrocket my watch is Tic tocin Nonstop and Not stoppings my option Till I am iconic ironic Flow cold but he got no ice on him That billy too chilly He got some spice on him Hahaha Lemme stop just having fun with it Life gave me a pass and imma run with it If I dont touch down as number one it is What it is livin to the fullest till I'm done with it

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