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RDM RealDefinitiveMusic One Take V3



Artist Bio:

Kevin Marino came into the world in the heat of the summer, June of 1996. The heat would stay with him- from his birth in Cambridge, Massachusetts through his days at Woburn High School. Traveling south in 2011, Kevin found himself in the hot climate of Melbourne, Florida. It wasn't long before he made his way back to the New England area, passing Massachusetts and settling in Manchester, New Hampshire. Before Kevin landed in Manchester, the burning desire to release his emotions and thoughts found its place on the form of poetry and journal-type recorded thoughts. His love for music- the connection to his soul and ability to remove himself from his troubles by letting the sounds and lyrics take him away- eventually combined with Kevin's poetic release, and an artist known as R.D.M. began finding a presence. He began writing rhymes and recording songs, developing his craft as a hip hop artist. R.D.M. knows real lyricism and poetry delivered with heart and conviction will emerge to dominance again in hip hop. He promises to keep those qualities in his music, and will help push himself into recognition with music that has depth and lyricism that won't die as long as there's a desire burning within him.

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