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Mc out of Key west FL



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Born and raised in Seattle WA, but moved to key west three years ago. living the island life and working on my passions. I live on a sail boast, hence the name $hipwreck. the past years I've noticed the one take contest but i was always busy doing some type of fuck shit, but this year I've cut everyone ,and every stupid entity out of my life, and now im focused on my passion with is music. Hip hop has gotten me threw a lot of troubled times. I have meaningful song i haven't put out at all ,but in the proccess of doing so. This is just me having fun and throwing punch lines out there. Hip hop influences: Tech9, Jcole, futuristic, Joyner lucas, NF, Boogie, Earthgang, JL,, Nas, Mosdef, Logic, Dizzy and demrick, Russ

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