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Dont Touch Me


Tommy Wrekz

Artist Bio:

'Sometimes, life has a funny way of placing us in the middle of controversy…Each side of conflict bleeds over to the border that separates them to create what we know as the “gray area”…My life IS the gray area.” Birthed by his African American mother, Garrett Thomas Moses was the product of an interracial relationship where he was raised in a single parent house-hold for most of his adolescent life. Growing up as the “white boy” in College Station, Arkansas, Garrett was an easy target for bullying which led to difficulty making friends. Determined to be anything but a statistic, he was able see the outcome of being in the streets and decided to vent his frustrations on paper. He always had an interest in music, but was discouraged from it due to his lack of being musically inclined. His need to have a voice eventually led to the beginning of countless hours of trial and error to learn how to produce, record, mix, and even sing so he wouldn’t have to rely on the efforts of other people to succeed. Married to the love of his life, Garrett’s number one priority is to be there for his children to provide them with the childhood he was robbed of, and set an example on how a relationship should be. “My music is a voice for the voiceless, and a reason to keep moving even when some might feel they have no purpose. My relationship is a guide on how to love between husband and wife, between father, son, and daughter, and between human to human. Family is everything.'

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