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Hello Futurstic & his Team, My name is Tarik El Gindi and i am a biracial rapper. I submitted a video to this about a week ago but when i didn't hear back from you guys i re-read the rules and well i feel like an idiot, lol. Realized that i had to record it to one of the beats provided and i had just done my own thing (here's the track if you want to have look and laugh, it's good just wrong beat lol: Anyways i re-wrote, re-recorded, and re-shot and thankfully so. I feel much better with this submission and more confident in it as a contender against the rest. ( I know i am different from most people and rappers, but i need a few minutes to explain why. If interested you can watch my video here, which will give you my background, message and my intentions with rap as a career. I hope you like this and hope i get to meet you one day. Much love and respect, stay true to you! TAR

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