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OneTakeContest Andsot Original Lyrics (Explicit)



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Andsot is a multi-faceted artist born in 1997. He specializes in music production, singing and playing several instruments such as piano, drums, guitar, among others. Also, he has always loved several performing arts which made him an actor, a model and a TV host; skills that he learned at 'The One Artist Agency' in Costa Rica. At his young age, he has managed to set a home studio and produce several songs on his own. Being music the most important thing in his live, he introduces the 'Young & Naive' project on 2018. This one starts with two different singles: 'Lonely' and 'Circus Love'. Which ends up in a full EP of 5 different songs. It is important to recognize that this project was completely made by himself. At the moment, this project is still yet to be launched. We'll keep track of it and we'll tell you the story as it goes. First Update: Andsot is making a full concept art which is about disconnecting himself from reality. All songs reference something that happens in real life but with a little twist. In his own words 'I wish that magic was real. This world is so boring, I want more of it. So I'll try making magic myself'.

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