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20 year old artist from Cleveland Ohio. I started to write at age 13 and began to rap at 15. I started to build my own recording booth when I was 17 since I couldn't afford studio time. I lived under foster care at 3 years old under my uncle and auntie, and lived with 2 brothers and 2 cousins. I started to grow into music with inspiration from mostly Eminem, Hopsin, and MGK when I was 12 and Mission Underground (Team Backpack) Cyphers when I was 15. I wanted to become an artist because of the motivation that rap has influenced on me and how I can use it to motivate others. Hip hop is an art that can be challenging, but also very fun for me to be apart of. Being able relief the stress and struggles I've been through, and telling my stories to other people instead of having someone else do it for me is the way I want to live. Having the voice of your own, standing your ground and proving to everyone what I can do is something I wished for a long time, and something I take to heart.

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