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TyShawn Dion holds no punches in the One Take Contest


TyShawn Dion

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Hi- Hello... I'm TyShawn Dion (Tie-Shawn DEEEon) and I rap good... sometimes. Sometimes I post stuff too, so- I don't know; follow me and stuff Seriously though... I'm a 22-year old songwriter, recording artist, actor, and overall creative from Worcester, MA. After taking two-and-a-half years off from music to play Division-1 College Football with the UConn Huskies, I returned to music late last year hungrier, more dedicated, and more driven than ever before to create audiovisual experiences for each and every individual that consumes my work. I feel as if my lyrical content will make you listen, my well tuned flow and delivery will reel you in, and finally- my charisma and personality will eventually make you a fan. I'm broke as hell so this would definitely help right now, but really I just need to get my foot in the door so that my work can do the rest; I think this is my in. Hope to secure your vote. Thank you. Instagram: DionGawdly Twitter: @TyShawnDion Facebook: TyShawn Dion SoundCloud/Spotify/Apple Music/Google Play/etc: TyShawn Dion

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