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Waves (One Take Rap Contest)



Artist Bio:

My name is Luis Urynowicz, also known as the Methuen, Massachusetts hip hop artist, 'LYFE' (acronym for 'Love Yours and Fight for Eternity). Music has always been a part of my life. Before I started writing lyrics, I taught myself how to play guitar, sang in my school choir through most of elementary school (2nd to 4th grade) and half of middle school (5th and 8th grade), taught myself a little bit of drums, and the rest was history. I did all that even though I was more of a basketball player. Dedicating most of my life to the sport, I wanted to become pro, but it didn't work out the way I had hoped. I started writing rap lyrics at the age of 17, which was toward the end of my junior year of high school (Methuen High). I wasn't that good, but of course that was before I ever thought about pursuing music. After high school, I took a break from music to attend Northern Essex Community College and majored in business transfer. I also tried out for their basketball team. Out of over 70 kids that tried out, I made the first cut, narrowing down the roster to 23. The week of the first tournament, they had to narrow it down to 16 for the final roster. I was one of the last cuts. I could have red shirted, but I wanted to put all the focus into my studies to keep my grades from slipping. The goal was to get my associates degree, then transfer to a 4 year school to major in sports management since I wanted to eventually become a sports agent. But I had a change of heart. It was all due to a newfound dream of breaking through the music industry as a hip hop artist. At first I was going to 'take a break' from college, but I never went back. I started writing rap again at age 19, shortly after my freshman year of college. I wrote a song, showed my friends the lyrics, and kept writing since I had such good lyrics. By age 21, I had started to develop my sound. I was even better as an artist! At that same time, I recorded my first mixtape called, 'The Final Cut' (you can find it on SoundCloud). I didn't really know how to promote at the time, so it didn't get too far. No new fans or anything, but I persisted and continued to spread the word about my music the only way I knew how. Fast forward to now, as a 24 year old artist, I'm working on my second mixtape called, 'The Vision', which is coming out soon! I now have a music video out for one of my songs on the project, 'Pushing Forward' (shot and directed by 41st Casanova Productions). I feel like now I have a better understanding of what I need to do to really get my name out there, and I'm working my hardest to keep everything going. I hope you can all relate to my message through the music. Let it resonate deep in your hearts forever.

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