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Video Name:

Something Different


Eon Zero

Artist Bio:

Ian O'Harris grew up in Ann Arbor. Both parents are musicians which explain why Ian's roots are in music, deep. In 4th grade, Ian played the recorder and shortly afterward moved to the trumpet. Throughout school, he played in summer jazz bands, had taken drum lessons and taught himself guitar.  In 8th grade, Ian began his career in multimedia. He begged his parents for a cheap camcorder to record skate videos. In 2007, he uploaded Windows Movie Maker and from then on, he was addicted. Throughout high school and college, he has continued to study multimedia with a focus on filmmaking and editing.      Ian continued to create music but it wasn't until Hip Hop entered his radar where he found his true love. The raw sound, the honesty and the introspective stories/songs arrested his attention. It was then that he realized that he too wanted to share his truth and pursue music that would create the same emotional impact that he felt. Ian hopes to continue to inspire his audience as he was once inspired as a young far, he is proud and humbled to have a growing number of 1,000,000 plays online.

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