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Tie Dye Dan OneTake Rap Contest Submission 2018


Tie Dye Dan

Artist Bio:

I'm from Yorktown, VA and have been rapping for almost 5 years. I fell in love with hip hop by freestyling with my friends in high school and college. Poetry and music has always been very important to me, and hip hop has allowed me a creative outlet to express myself artistically. Until very recently, I was completely unable to write bars. I could only freestyle them. Dissatisfied with that limitation, I took to the metronome and started practicing how to write for the beat slowly, instead of throwing myself into it right away in a freestyle. Besides rapping, my other hobby as well as current source of income is my business 'Dye Happy'. I produce unique tie dye t shirts and other apparel in my basement and sell them online and through local events. As I tell my customers, you can get everything you need at Tie Dye Dan's Tie Dye Stand. Thank you for the opportunity. Stoked to have been a part of this year's contest. I'm no Ali Tomineek, but I like to think I did well on this beat!

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