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One Take Contest


Nameless the Narrator

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Hailing from Gwinnett County, Georgia, Nameless the Narrator is a Korean rapper who likes to write about himself in the third person. Struggling with low self-esteem and confidence issues, he put his rap career on hold for a number of years, but after realizing that he's stupid as fuck and can't do well in school, he's giving it another shot. He just released his first mixtape 'Nobody's Here' on Soundcloud, with possible uploads to various other sites in the near future. He's just now realizing how pretentious it is to write about himself in the third person. Nobody is here man. It's just me. But seriously though, I hope I get enough likes to get qualified. Either way, win or lose, this was fun! Thanks Futuristic, AKT Aktion, and Kato for the oppurtunity. Again, win or lose, I'm gonna make sure you guys hear about me in the future. Good luck to everyone in the competition. Listen to my mixtape. YAH!

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