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Get Out Of My Face


Mr. Fuentes

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Mr. Fuentes is Your Royal Jester. Truthful. Entertaining. Witty. Comedic. 'I realized, since I was a kid in school, the class clown was always the light I put myself in. Not exactly rebellious but not exactly agreeable either. If I had something to say, I'd say it. Funny thing is, people listened. Maybe it's was my charismatic smile. Maybe my funny quips and comebacks to teachers, and students alike. But nonetheless, people listened and gave me the attention. Entertainment was my calling. After over a decade of fast food working, and management, I couldn't do it anymore. 'I have a purpose that I must pursue' So I quit, and now I am here. Here to tell yall my truth, my life, my purpose through entertainment. Everyone has a King inside of them and it may take the truth from your royal jester help you see your purpose and flaws to start building your Kingdom.' - Mr. Fuentes SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Mr. Fuentes on Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Soundcloud - SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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