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Another Contest


The ILLu$trata

Artist Bio:

Chicago artist The ILLu$trata has 2 other aliases such as 'Ill Will' & 'Almighty Izzle'. During his older teen-adult years, he hustled in his main neighborhood on 79th & Cottage Grove (#079). He grew up in several rough areas in the infamous city dubbed 'Chiraq'. With 79th being the most notable. Violence, Gang activity, Drugs, Crime & poverty he was no stranger to. And used music as an outlet to cope with the negative surroundings he lived in. And after hearing popular artists such as Twista, Crucial Conflict, Do Or Die, PsychoDrama & Common. Now older, the Chicago native feels he has sharpened his skill enough for mainstream & underground attention. He assaulted the music scene back in 2010 with his cleverly titled 'T.N.T' mixtape series which stands for 'Trials & Tribulatons' as well as the powerful explosive. His most popular mixtapes to date are 'TNT Vol. 3: Redemption', 'LIT', and 'RELIT' of 2012, 2016 and 2017. 'Pull Out' is the first single off the upcoming 2018 album 'TDL' which stands for 'Tall, Dark & Lyrical'. It was soon followed by the 2nd single 'Keep Scrollin'. 'TDL' was released June 8th of 2018. The artist is a Father of four children.

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