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Diabeat My One Take Contest



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Lets get to the main stuff right? Everyone has a story on how they became an artist. A few accomplishments. In 2016, I got through to compete in TeamBackPacks Muny event. I truly believe in hard work. I'm a one man show creating the video editing, the artwork, and the audio. Some say they can tell haha, others appreciate the dedication. But with every great artist comes a great companion that helps me film. I also have my only friend Carols that supports what I do. Hes a comedian. You can find him on insta called madd_dogg_comedy. Anyway I just wanted to put that there because they are all that I have literally. Without a doubt, the value of loyalty outweighs any dollar put on a scale. Futuristic if you are seeing this, bank on me and put the $2500 into your label and have me be as an addition.

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