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Qswole has fun showing nothing but HEAT in AZ



Artist Bio:

Quintin 'Qswole' Walker was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and has lived in Arizona since 2008. He has been all over the map throughout his childhood. He makes music and aspires to be successful enough independently to make a career out of it. His parents, younger brothers, and friends knew he was a talented individual and had a knack for success. He had skipped the first grade and continued to excel in school. He always loved music and began playing saxophone and guitar in the 6th grade. He would then go on to learn how to play piano and even the harmonica. Hip Hop and Rap music was his favorite, and in his free time he loved rapping and freestyling, but instrumental beats from other artist just wasn’t working, which sparked his interest to create his own beats. Inspired by his uncle who had experience making beats and produced for other talented local artist and professionals he embarked on creating his sound and learning to produce. Self taught, he began putting out quality beats and receiving good feedback from others. It was then he knew that this was more than a hobby. Along with his Father he started calling him self qswole to differ from all the other 'Lil' artist names. Now at age 19, he plans on making his name hot in the Arizona rap scene and helping others achieve their dreams as well.

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