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I aint Futuristic


Dr. Perry

Artist Bio:

I'm rapping because its something that feels meant for me I name my song I ain't Futuristic because as he said there's nobody else but I'm still spittin on a similar level. I watched Futuristic, Kyle, SK4MC and Dizzy Wright all as they were blowing up when they were just normal guys at 10k veiws trying to find a way out there and it's been inspiration for me since before I knew I wanted to rap just to see guys like you doing what they want to do. TeamBackPack has always made me so happy to watch especially all the cyphers they would do I want to bring inspiration like that . I don't try to be anything I'm not I try my hardest to show all sides of myself and use the writing talent I have I spent atleast 10 hours all together working on this video and even called off work and ended up losing my job for it so I'm either stupid or got too much passion burning to stop now * LAST TIME I SUBMITTTED I DID NOT GET AN EMAIL BACK IF THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE VIDEO OR SUBMISSION EMAIL THE PROBLEM I HAVE PURCHASED THE BEAT*

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