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Money on The Line



Artist Bio:

Born in raised in a small town called Newberg Oregon, Rebeca (formally known as Rekka) was born June 14th 1993. Growing up she was always into writing and music and they correlated together pretty well, she was also into skateboarding and cars so usually had a lot of male friends and was usually criticized for it. She was the son Her father never had. After nights of countless nights that consisted of hours of writing, at around the age of 16 She opened up to a dear friend (who passed away in 2012) about her writing. They eventually made and recorded her first song together called 'sky high' By MacDon, Emwon, And Rekka. And after that she went in and out of making music due to life becoming busy and going in and out of interest. Social Anxiety usually holds her back from a lot of interaction with other artists. so she usually sticks to being a independent artist. The Name Rekka isn't just a Rap name, its actually a nickname. Given to her from her brother in law. At age 16 She owned a 87' Nissan 300zx, She wrecked it 3 times. Last time, she totaled it. Hence the Name Rekka. And she wasn't very fond of the name, as everyone she knew started calling her it, but as soon as her friend got her to open up about music. They decided it was the most original and best fit name for the Female Rapper. And she hasn't changed it.

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