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How to Eat a Beat



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In Summer of 2011, while on break from their shifts at a local Sonic in Colorado Springs, two long time friends, Tevo and DiZ, decided to come together and make music. Under the umbrella of “VetLyfe”, (V.E.T. being an acronym standing for, ‘Versatile, Educated, and Talented’ already coined to describe their group socially) the two embarked on the new mission of providing dope content. Along the way, DiZ and Tevo teamed up with some of their childhood friends, Ellis, Dimo A.K.A. “Killah Mind” , and NDB. The five of them hit the ground running, with the release of their debut mixtape “Co-Op” in May of 2012. The project was warmly welcomed among the local scene and motivated the newly formed group to keep pushing. Directly after the release of “Co-Op”, they collectively followed up with “The V.E.T. Tape”, in July of 2012, assuring that they were here to stay. After two solo Releases, by both Tevo and Ellis, in the Fall of 2012, the focus shifted to another group project. In April of 2013, came “A.W.O.L.” in reference to their absence from releasing music. A.W.O.L. Showed some serious growth sonically and was a catalyst for the Vets to begin a slew of shows. With the help of Colorado Springs’ very own Black Pegasus, and a couple other local promoters, VetLyfe was able to become a dependable local act. Opening up for, and performing with, national acts just about every 90 days. The group estimated to have done at least 30 shows from 2012 to 2015, which ultimately took its toll on the group. With the departure of NDB shortly after the A.W.O.L. release, and the seemingly never ending show schedule, the group decided to take a step back and get back to the foundation. In January of 2015, the group revamped and released their first official album, “V” which was again, warmly received. This was the first project to become fully digitally distributed. From the rollout of the album, to an album release show, the album was definitely considered a success. The group focused on expanding outside of the state through digital distribution. Then the show regiment began again for the next two and a half years. Ultimately, that mixed with other outside issues, VetLyfe saw another departure, with Dimo removing himself from the group to pursue a solo career in music, in January of 2018. Once again the group saw themselves starting from scratch. Just three out of what was once five, and still the desire was there. Tevo, DiZ, and Ellis quickly strategized and began to execute so they could finally put another project out. Over the next 6 months they vigorously wrote and curated their next project, taking on a couple shows in the meantime. Things seemingly were starting to calm down and fall back into place when a similar shake-up was dealt... with the departure of Ellis, in January of 2019, to peruse his solo career as well. With that, Tevo and DiZ revamped, once again, with hopes of making their efforts more apparent. In the short 6 months since the transition from a group to a duo, DiZ and Tevo have provided some form of content at least once every 30 days! With 4 singles released, one video released, and another one shot and in the bag, there’s just been an overall more consistent presence with the VetLyfe brand across all platforms. A total shift in focus and dynamics has completely turned the duo in a new direction. They are headed towards nothing but greatness! On July 31st, 2019 the newly formed duo released their first collective project called “VetLyfe Forever”.

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