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Video Name:

Cost of Ambition



Artist Bio:

Coming out of Brooklyn, NY by way of Kingston, JA Reality! has seen it all. His lyrics reflects the diversity of his life and upbringing. From East Coast dominance, West Coast dominance to the current Southern dominance, like a true Hip Hop historian, he has always been taking notes. His music shows this knowledge/understanding and always touches on the common man’s everyday struggles/celebrations of life. Reality! is 1st a fan and has always been a true fan of Hip Hop Culture. Since the Video Music Box days he has been an avid participant and observer of Hip Hop Culture. Seeing Hip Hop grow and go through its many phases, he stayed down for the cause. He however became discouraged when the watering down started to take place in the early 2000’s. Knowing fantasy/ignorance is a part of urban artistic expression he always embraced and celebrated that aspect of the culture as long as the militant, intelligent, conscious and reality based sides were still recognized, then no sweat. Always a listener/consumer and never a MC he got inspired around 2005 to put his pen to the pad and write what he felt was missing or diminishing for the culture he loved so dearly. He never judged the bullshit because he knew the majority as being ignorant. He was just a fan of the well-rounded personalities who knew how to be honest and communicate the whole human fabric in all aspects of life, like his favorite MC’s 2-Pac, Nas & Scarface. Feeling disappointed and betrayed, he decided instead of complaining from a victim’s position, why not just master this craft of artistic communication and fill the void, thus Reality! was born…..

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