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2 Cups Prod AKT Aktion


Gam3Boy x SlingShott

Artist Bio:

21 Year Old rapper from Pueblo Colorado with absolutely no Klout! No popularity from school or anything and just a little over 121 subscribers on youtube. Im just putting my talent into my passion and hoping that yall will give me a chance in this business. Ive always been looked down upon because of where i grew up with the dreams i want to pursue which is in the music industry. For the most part i do everything myself except make beats. I mix and master my own tracks, I promote my music myself, I Record everything myself from my home equipment that ive bought on my own, Also i have never had a background in music so this is kind of shocking to people that the shy kid who never really talked and barely graduated would want to do something as big as being an artist. I have entered many contests and have lost all of them but i do take critisism very well and have noticed a big growth in myself from doing so! I really hope yall enjoy and will give my music the fair chance to be heard! Thank You All :)

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