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Video Name:

Nordic Stoner



Artist Bio:

An artist trying to bring originality and creativity back. Self taught in the ways of recording and editing, I strive to be part of the music industry. Nordic Stoner was created to be a whole new vibe, bringing lyricism, catchy flows, and crafty metaphors. A versatile artist with many styles, flows, and vibes ready to be put out into the world. Hoping for unity within the rap and hip hop community, I step into the competitive world simply to expand. With that being said, I hope the world enjoys Nordic Stoner as much as my team and I enjoyed making it! Regards, A.I. with J.E.D.I. Music Group Entertainment Credit due to my videographer, Ms. Casey Nation, with @Nation_Artistries on IG. This was her first shoot and edit. (I believe in putting my city and people on to the world. Hope you guys enjoy this spontaneity as we surely did!)

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