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Utah artist Happi fell in love with Hip hop music at the age of 14 listening to Dr. Dre, Ludacris, and other rappers. Happi memorized their flows andrhyme schemes. He fell in love with word play and melted into the beat until he felt like he was rapping that album. He was inspired to write and re-create his own songs. Along with his passion for music is his love of making money. He started a few of his own businesses. At the age of 12, he started a cinnamon toothpick business that made him a profit of $2,000 dollars. One business progressed to another. Happi has also had other various 'hustles' including: lemonade stands, beef jerky sales, a curb painting company, a lawn aerating company, and a taco stand. With Utah leading the nation in small business, Happi is a true product of his environment. Fast forward to today, he is now running a tile and grout business. In all of these companies he is all about return on investment. Happi started side hustle gang to motivate and inspire every entrepreneur to become successful in any form of business they desire.

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