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Video Name:

Heavy Truth


ThatKidCry x RizzleMusik

Artist Bio:

ThatKidCry and RizzleMusik are two Oregon based artists who have been at it on stages for over a decade now. RizzleMusik with his raspy voice and sharp edgy flow, ThatKidCry with the soulful grit and boombap style. These are just two artists from a larger crew called GroundUp Studio! RizzleMusik just recently returned to music with his new album L.I.F.E. and ThatKidCry is about to drop his 10th studio project. The artists will also be touring with Mposter, Steeze, and Ya Boy B for a 10+ city tour in mid October so watch for your city and come show love if you see it on the list! You can find everything ThatKidCry, RizzleMusik, as well as the entire GroundUp Studio team over at so make sure to visit the website, discover new music, and subscribe for new events, music, and artist updates. #EatMyBeatsContest #GroundUpStudio

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