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Careful dad


The XorCist

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please help supporting me by sharing this video so i can qualify the needed shares to compete in the eat my beats rap contest at this point in time i would like to say thank you for taking your time to view my music video on careful dad. my name is cody , soul name is the xorcist for simple fact, mental depression is lingering on around all of us. its barely addressed as well. ive been trapped in a cage like a flea and try after try i try bouncing out the cage im in. my heart starts to marry the dark and negatives. your worthless , youll never make it.. etc. is what i tell myself. i fell back off the path of quitting ciggs. quited for a whole 8 months jusy to fall.ive cutted myself and had thoughts of ending it. with a unsuccessful attempt in 2012.. then doing great at work, showing up, knocking it out just to fall. feeling like that linkin park song in the end. ya feel me so far. i just want to say careful dad is in my opinion my best work. for someone starting out. my family put the work in to get these shots with me. i loved every sedond of it. second sage augio for helping me with the master of my song and akt nation for providing this beat and the dooe contest. and saving the best for last. let me thank god and Jesus for the gift of eternal life ? and for the breath of life . when i wake up in the morning and im breathing im blessee so I got to making him being impressed. i thank lord he came for the sick and mental illness is a serious disease cant be cutting till the wrists bleed gotta get off this dead end street soak up positivity instead of grief i promise to never let go, dont want your love as an echo. love putting kisses on your neck slow, love no other nigga got next though. know you love the chemistry. got you smoking medically your spirit feeling heavenly, feeling good physically and mentally, they envy me because im giving you pleasantries. working hard and restlessly to give you the seven seas trying to give you eternity not seconds please i bury those dead techniques evicting demons and end they're lease cause i helped them breed and made their nest complete. so time to give the part of me thats extra sweet

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