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AKT Aktion, I was born Scott Michael Giannino, and got adopted when I was 4. My name was changed to Scott Michael Britton. A goal of mine is to change it back. I joined the Army Jan 18, 1996, and retired February 1, 2016. I was an IT computer rep, and a Signal Support Systems Specialist. I've been to Iraq twice, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Korea, Italy, Germany, and a few State side bases. Since I was 4 I wanted to move to California to fulfill dreams I had as a child. I am 46 and I have been in California for the last 6 month. I want to make different videos to address things I know of the world. On the other hand, I love to make people laugh. Enjoy the video, thank you for this opportunity . ~YouGotBuz ~YGB ~Scott Giannino Write to me below. YouGotBuz P.O.Box 5487 Sonora, CA 95370

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